For SimpleShots founders Dani and Makena, a college night out meant drinking beer, hard seltzers, sugary mixed drinks, and undoubtedly, a number of shots. While they always woke up the next morning with new memories to cherish (and usually a nasty hangover to cure), they found themselves increasingly frustrated by the lack of healthier, all natural beverage alternatives on the market. They began to wonder - is there a way to enjoy a Saturday night without completely erasing the health benefits of the spin class they did earlier in the day, or the kale salad they had for lunch? Determined to answer this question, they set out to formulate a fresh drinking experience that was not only low calorie and low sugar, but also all natural, chemical free, and functional.

Enter SimpleShots, a health-conscious, all natural alcoholic beverage that combines superior flavor with unprecedented convenience. SimpleShots are vegan, gluten free, and incorporate organic ingredients of only the finest quality, offering delicious flavors to fit any mood. Because alcohol consumption threatens immune support and digestive wellness, our flavors are created with super-fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants designed to combat undesirable side effects. SimpleShots are naturally sweetened using agave nectar, a flavor enhancer that is lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar and artificial sweeteners. This minimizes blood sugar spikes during alcohol consumption, making SimpleShots a fantastic alternative to sugary mixers and chasers. Premium craft spirits ensure quality and our square bottle is compact and convenient, offering endless options to customize your sipping experience: take a shot on the go, pour over sparkling water, or - if you’re really feeling ballsy - pour over a hard seltzer for maximum efficiency.

Welcome to the new age of drinking. SimpleShots has arrived and has officially given you permission to embrace the weekend. Have fun, enjoy responsibly, and get your sh*t done the next day. 

Cheers XX