Organic Fruit Juice

  • Nutrient rich fruit juices to help improve gut health, provide antioxidants and boost immunity
  • Real fruit juice means no added flavoring or chemicals

Premium Craft Spirits

  • Our tequila and vodka come from distilleries that use sustainable farming techniques, avoid the use of pesticides and fertilizers and operate at "Zero Loss"
  • Quality distillation processes ensure minimal impurities in the alcohol

Organic Agave Nectar

  • Compound carb takes longer to digest
  • Doesn't spike your blood sugar as much as cane sugar
  • Get a sweeter taste with fewer grams of sugar

Herbs and Spices

  • Provide natural flavor to create a balanced drink
  • Rosemary and mint calm the stomach

Nutrition Facts

Remember, there's 2 shots per bottle

Ginger Lime Tequila Shot

  • 95 calories per shot
  • 2g sugar per shot

Cran Lemon Vodka Shot

  • 100 calories per shot
  • 2.5g sugar per shot